Bathroom Countertops

Looking for Bathroom Countertops in Edmonton? Try Bossio Stone

Update that drab bathroom with brand new countertops from Edmonton-based AB Tile & Stone / Bossio Stone. We supply and install quartz, granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops for bathrooms of all sizes and designs. Whether you’re planning a personal renovation or getting your home ready to sell, replacing your countertops can do wonders for outdated bathrooms in older dwellings. These countertops can provide a more modern look with a sleek finish, adding sophistication and functionality. Bossio Stone’s countertops can be customized to fit your bathroom’s specific dimensions while complementing its overall décor. Talk to Bossio Stone in Edmonton about our countertop options and request a quote for your next renovation project.

The Pros & Cons of Bathroom Countertop Materials

Not sure what type of countertop material to put in your bathroom? Check out the pros and cons of the materials Bossio Stone supplies and installs to learn more. Be comparing and contrasting your options you will be able to find the countertops that fit your bathroom perfectly.


Pros: Quartz is an excellent choice for a bathroom countertop. It’s resistant to moisture, stains, and bacteria. It’s tougher than granite and requires no sealing. Quartz’s versatility means you have multiple edge treatments and installation options open to you.

Cons: Quartz can be pricy.


Pros: Granite provides many benefits from being scratch resistant to requiring minimal upkeep once properly sealed to withstanding humidity and heat damage. It’s long-lasting with many different patterns to choose from. Granite countertops help enhance your home’s resale value.

Cons: Granite is one of the most expensive materials to use for countertops.

Natural Stone

Different kinds of natural stone can be used for your bathroom countertops. Depending on what type of stone you choose it will have its own pros and cons.


Pros: Marble can be paired with almost any bathroom décor whether you choose to have it highly polished for a beautiful shine or honed for a casual, matte-like finish.

Cons: Its porous nature means it can be stained or scratched with acidic substances. Frequent sealing will be needed to protect it and maintain its finish.

How Long Does a Bathroom Countertop Installation Take?

Installation depends on the material being used for your countertops. Proper templating and fabrication takes time. Once the material is prepped and ready for installation it only take a matter of hours.

What Kind of Maintenance Do My Bathroom Countertops Need?

Like installation time, the type of material your bathroom countertop is made of will determine the kind of maintenance it needs. Quartz countertops for instance are low maintenance, requiring just warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner to keep it looking good. No sealing needed. Marble, on the other hand, needs frequent sealing in order to protect it from stains. Talk to the experts at Bossio Stone to learn more about the maintenance needs of your bathroom countertops.